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Master Series | 5 days
Join Esterita for her new Master Series of classes. She will come to your group to teach a 5 day class or you may bring your group to her studio. The choice of workshops are: Exploring Drawing - beginner to advanced, Portraiture with a Twist, Composition in Photography, Adventures in Sheers and Monoprinting, Design/Color and Value, or Realism to Abstraction.

Private Classes | 3-5 days
Individual instruction is also available in Esterita's studio or at your location.

Luminous Painted Illusions
No sewing machine

This original technique utilizes fusible web to transfer painted imagery onto organza designing luminescent layered prints. You will be able to create a completely new and unique forms of an art quilt. Paint or any other medium may be used. This easy process is unlike any other printing-- it is not a reverse printing process... What you see is what you get. That makes it a breeze to incorporate the written word. This is Mono printing reimagined. Bring 11x17" photos of favorite places, or still life for inspiration and interpretation. Free your creative muse with this new and innovative technique.
No portraiture as subject matter please. Please feel free to e mail me your images with questions before class.

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Layered Monoprinting with Sheers
In this new and innovative monoprinting class you will print on sheer organza by using various mark making tools: paint, markers, oil crayons..etc with fusible web and parchment to take the printing process to a new level. By cutting away and layering the sheer prints you can create depth and interest. It's a new technique that will add to your creative arsenal.




Fabulous Fabric Art Portraits | 5 days (all levels)
Fusing class - No sewing machine required
The focus in this class is on creating dramatic, expressionistic portraiture. Rembrandt, La Tour, Caravaggio, all incorporated the technique of using a single, directional light source to create depth and drama in their imagery. Using traditional compositional elements, further enhanced by textile paints, you will create a large expressive portrait juxtaposing light and dark as your tools of intrigue.
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Student Work


Andi Perejda                                                     Diana Roberts


Jan Reed                                                         Pauline Pearsall



Wendy Churukian                                                                                         Nancy Clancy




Peggie Hartwell                                                    "Rosalie"

                                                                         by Peggie Hartwell


Roxane Lessa by Esterita
2 Day Class

Portraits | 1-2 days (all levels)
Fusing class - No sewing machine required
Anyone can accomplish outstanding results in this introductory class to portraits. You will use an original pattern by Esterita to learn all the techniques necessary to achieve an excellent likeness.
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Animal Portraits | 1-2 days (all levels)
Fusing class - No sewing machine required
There is nothing like the expression of unconditional love from your best friend. Create a visual memory that you will want to keep forever.
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Susan Andrews

Jane Broaddus

Drawing... connecting with your inner muse | 2- 5 days (all levels)
Learn at your own pace with the emphases on skill development and connecting with your inner muse. The focus will be on building and refining your basic powers of observation. Utilizing different mark making materials and methods, we will break away from classical concept of what accurate depiction is and explore new non-traditional possibilities. The goal is to develop artistic self-confidence, originality, and your own unique style to apply to all art forms.
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Kathy Adams

Julia Rosencrans

Catherine Wynn

Annabelle Treacy

Sheers to You | 1 day (all levels)
Fusing class - No sewing machine required
Sheer fabrics are the building blocks for a translucent shimmering still life that will glow and sparkle while adding depth to your fiber art piece. Create crystal goblets and bottles and see the possibilities when new shapes and colors are created by simply overlapping transparent fabrics. Mono-printing and various manipulation techniques will be incorporated to make a "WOW" still life.
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Floral Sheers


Sheers to You!

Decanter 1

Decanter 2

Decanter 3

Sheer Faces | 1 day (all levels)
Fusing class - No sewing machine required
Add more creative tools to your fiber art repertoire.
In this out-of-the-box class you will learn Esterita's new technique for assembling fused sheers. No templates, no points or seams to match, just free cutting to create a dynamic and expressive portrait.
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Sheer Portrait

Kathy Adams

Sheer Portrait

Value-able | 1 day (all levels)
Challenged by value? In a few easy exercises you will go from simple drawings (yes you can!) in black and white to a colorful fabric collage. With the addition of touches of paint you will discover the impact of value and see how it will add dimension and power to your quilts.
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Julie Stamper

Creating the Illusion of Depth | 1day (all levels)
Fusing class- No sewing machine
In this workshop you'll train your eye and sharpen your design ability. Learn how to create the illusion of depth through an architectural motif by working with three design elements: perspective, value, and light source. You'll learn an easy, no fail, technique of fusing. There is no accuracy with seam allowances, no points to match and no sewing machines. This is a loose technique that allows for greater freedom in construction. Build your confidence to go beyond the quilt surface into its visual depth.
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Painting for Illusion | 1day (all levels)
No painting experience necessary - No sewing machine
Don't have the right fabric? Pieces not blending together well? Need a detail, a shadow, a highlight? Embellish and enhance your quilt top with paint. Learn simple techniques that will bring 3-D life to your quilt image. In the first half of this class you'll put together a small fused quilt of a still life and in the second half use it as your canvas to apply textile paints.
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Rock and Wood | 1day (all levels)
No painting experience necessary - No sewing machine
Build a landscape that creates depth and dimension for your composition. Strategic placement of hand dyed multi-value fabrics will simulate light and shadow. Adding paint will enhance the dimension for this landscape to truly "POP" off the surface. If you have difficulty in establishing a fore, middle and background, this is the class for you.
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Photo Composition for your Quilt I | 1-2 days
The image from which your quilt originates determines your quilts composition. There are many key elements that go into creating a visually exciting a photograph. Lighting, angle, cropping, all can recreate an image that will be a powerful composition. From taking your photos, to transferring them to a computer into photo manipulation, you will be able to transform your new image into an original quilt design. Learn the tools for jump starting your next innovative piece.
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Photo Composition for your Quilt II ~ from photo to quilt | 5 days
No sewing machine
Continuing on from Photo Composition I, on day 3-5 you will make an original pattern and translate it into a fused fiber composition. From the completed top we will further enhance the image with textile paints for added dimension.
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Painted Bowls | 2 days
No sewing machine required.
In this 2 day class, working from a pattern as your starting point, you will create bowls from hand dyed multi valued fabrics and further enhance them with textile paint to give the illusion that is truly 3-D. The focus is on: perspective, value, color and composition. Not a painter? Not Artistic? No worries! This is a class for beginners to advance.
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Realism to Abstraction | 5 days
Fusing class no sewing machine
Using your own photograph as a starting point (guidelines provided), you will be guided through a series of design exercises, shown how to translate your design into a workable pattern, and from there create an original abstract composition. A variety of fusing and painting techniques will be incorporated in the construction.
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Lectures: 1 hour

Classic Rock
Join Esterita for a humorous look at her journey from her beginning art experiences to the present. This power point/trunk show zips along as it illustrates how she grew the seed of a concept into bold design themes. The focus is on the power of value over color in constructing dramatic compositions. With her generously dispensed tips you'll be inspired to run back to your stash and fuse your own thread of an idea into a WOW fabric composition.

Photograph ~ Compose ~ Create
With this presentation you will be guided through the process of finding and photographing images to effectively interpreting them in exciting fiber pieces for dynamic visual compositions. Techniques will be covered.

Portals and Passages
Every portal is an entrance to discovery. It is a place into which you may enter or from where you may escape. Join me while I take you on a journey through the portals and passages of Great Britain and Italy. Discover the excitement in photographing a scene from various angles and interpreting it in fabric.

Realism to Abstraction
Esterita takes you on a guided tour that starts from artistically taking a photograph through the exploration of a series of exercises that takes the photographic image from the real to the abstract.

Portraits have been a source of inspiration to artists for centuries. Esterita will take you on a photographic journey that begins with taking an expressive photograph discussing: lighting, angles and settings through interpreting the image in fabric. She will cover her technique step by step and show how, by adding textile paint, one can achieve greater depth and dimension.

The content of the workshops and lecture can be adapted within reason to suit particular guild or organizations needs.

Email if you are interested in scheduling a workshop and/or lecture for your organization or guild.
Please include your email address or snail mail address, and phone number with area code.
Esterita Austin - (631)331-3429
58 John Street
Port Jefferson Station, N.Y. 11776