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In a few easy and fun steps join Esterita making an art quilt that visually "POPS" off the quilt surface. This step-by-step DVD leads you through: Taking the photograph, creating a pattern, selecting and auditioning fabrics, fusing your piece, and finishing with textile paint to further enhance it to create a beautiful art quilt.

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Dynamic Fabric Art Portraits DVD $20.00

Join Esterita and learn how to create a dramatic, expressionistic portrait. Following her step-by-step process, which includes an innovative fusing technique, you will learn to create a likeness that will surprise and delight. After completing the fused fabric collage the piece is further enhanced with a few brush and marker strokes. Discover Esterita's successful method for demystifying the portrait-making process.

Olfa 18mm Rotary Cutter $12.00

and Replacement Blades $7.00


Weber Museum Emerald Acrylic Brushes

1/4 inch angled shader-$10

1/2 inch angled shader-$12

5/8 inch angled shader-$14

1 inch angled shader-$16

shipping $2.50

please e mail Esterita for shipping for international orders