FEBRUARY 3 Kilauea Kreations, Painted Illusions Hilo, HI. Kilaueakreations.com
MARCH 1-4 American Quilters Society, Daytona Beach, Fl Classes and Retrospective show of Esterita's work
MARCH 6,11: Manatee Patchworkers. Bradenton, Fl lecture & class
APRIL 21-22: Anchorage Log Cabin Quilt Guild, Anchorage Alaska
MAY 29- JUNE 10: Quilt Surface Design Symposium, Columbus OH. QSDS.com
JULY 27-29: Tenessee Quilts tenneseequilts.com
AUGUST 17-19: Mancuso World Quilt Show, Manchester, NH quiltfest.com
SEPTEMBER 9-16: Quilting Under The Tuscan Sun. Meleto, Italy esterita2@aol.com esteritaaustin.com/tuscany
SEPTEMBER 26-30: Northwest Sewing Conference, A Common Thread, Portland, OR www.acommonthreadsewing.com acommonthread@comcast.net
OCTOBER 30-NOVEMBER 5: International Quilt Show Houston, quilts.com
DECEMBER 4-8: Hudson River Valley Fiber Arts, Greenville, NY, fiberartworkshops.com


JAN 8-10 Luminous Painted Illusions. Captain Cook, Big Island, Hawaii esterita2@aol.com
MARCH 7-11 Quilting Adventures. luminous Painted Illusions www.quiltingadventures.com
APRIL 15 Hunterdon County MAY 14-15: Courthouse Quilters FrenchTown NJ
MAY 16-20: Luminous Painted Illusions- Mono Printing Reimagined www.ProChemicalanddye.com. Fall River, Ma
JUNE 2-4: North Carolina Quilt Symposium lldbllnc@yahoo.com
JUNE 14-16: Hearts and Hands Quilt Guild. O Fallon Il bechtoldt@icloud.com
JUNE 10-11: Abeline, TX Hawkins.melinda@yahoo.com
JUNE 25-26: Luminous Painted Illusions. Brisbane, AU workshops@qldquilters.com
JULY 1-6: Canberra AU. whatman4@tpg.com
JULY 9-11: Melbourne AU. Deb Layt deb.layt@thepatchworkgallery.com.au
JULY15-17: Perth AU. Michelle Pearson. michelle@raggedystitches.com
JULY 20-24: Sydney AU AUGUST 11-13: Grand Rapids MI. AQS Show
AUGUST 16-19: Powerful Portraits. Woodland Ridge Retreat, WI dyecandy@gmail.com. Chris Daly
AUGUST 28-30: Luminous Painted Illusions Hudson River Valley Fiber Arts Retreat. Greenville, NY klapolla@artworkshops.com
SEPTEMBER 10-17: Quilting Under the Tuscan Sun. Meleto Italy. esterita2@aol.com
OCTOBER 6-8: Block Party Quilters. Seattle WA. education@Bpquilters.org
OCTOBER 31-NOVEMBER 4: Art Quilt Tahoe. Lake Tahoe CA. didnc365@gmail.com


Jan. 10-11: Empire Quilt Guild, New York City- Sheers lmbinnyc@yahoo.com
Feb. 26-28: Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, Hampton Roads Convention Center, Hampton VA. - Mancuso www.quiltfest.com
Mar. 11-14: AQS - Lancaster, PA www.americanquilter.com
Mar. 19-21: Fiber Focus, New Smyrna Beach, FL- Portraiture mrsgorgon@gmail.com
Mar. 23-24: Mono-Printing and Collage Ormond Beach, FL - vlrondeau@mail.com
Mar. 26-28: IQA Chicago, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL www.quilts.org
April 13-14: Retreat at The Silver Fountain Inn & BnB, Dover, NH Portraiture esterita2@aol.com
April 26-May 1: Empty Spools Seminars, Asilomar, CA- Layered Mono-Printing and Collage on Organza www.emptyspoolsseminars.com
May 3: SAQA "Fiberlandia" workshop, Portland, OR b_lee_ver@verizon.net
May 7-8: Q.U.I.L.T.S Delmar, NY Portraits
May 17: Vancouver, WA mgstuermer@gmail.com
August 13-14: Portraiture Class. Byrds Nest Quilt Store, Ormond Beach, FL
Aug. 29-31: Hudson River Valley Fiber Art Workshops, Greenville, NY Layered Mono-Printing on Organza klapolla@artworkshops.com
Sept. 12-19: Retreat "Quilting Under the Tuscan Sun" Plein Aire Painting, Art Quilting, Gourmet Cooking-workshops and excursions to Siena and Florence. Evening entertainment, fine dining at a beautiful Villa in the Tuscan hills. esterita2@aol.com
Oct. 8-10: Quiltfest Oasis Palm Springs ll - Palm Springs, CA www.quiltfest.com
Oct. 15-18: Pacific International Quilt Festival XXIV Santa Clara, CA www.quiltfest.com
Oct. 26- Nov. 1: IQA International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX www.quilts.org
Nov 1: IQA International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX www.quilts.org
November 16-18: Luminous Painted Illusions-mono print The Silver Fountain Inn, Dover, NH.


Jan. 6-10: Mono Printing and Painting, Kerrville, TX , KACC esterita2@aol.com
Jan. 18, 19: Kona, Hawaii, The Donkey Mill Art Center-"Mono Printing and Collage "donkeymillartcenter.org
Jan. 20, 21: Kona, Hawaii, Fabric Dyeing with Carlene Keller
Jan. 23-25: Kona, Hawaii "Tropical Landscapes" esterita2@aol.com
Feb. 27-Mar.1: Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, Mancuso www.quiltfest.com
Mar. 2-7: Quilting Adventures, Kerrville, TX dwalters@cebridge.net
April 17-19: The Golden Triangle Quilt Guild, Beaumont, TX mjanebeadle@aol.com
April 24-27: American Quilters Society, Paducah, KY. www.americanquilter.com
June 13, 14: San Antonio Quilt Guild, San Antonio, TX nimblethimble@gmail.com
July 24-27: Quilt Odyssey, Hershey, PA www.quiltodyssey.com
Aug. 10-15: Hudson Valley Fiber Arts Workshop, Greenville, NY "Portraiture" www.fiberartworkshops.com info@artworkshops.com
Aug. 28-30: East Cobb Quilt Guild, East Gobb GA gmajanitz@comcast.net
Sep. 13-20: Quilting/Painting/Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun esterita2@aol.com


Jan. 8-12: Drawing for Beginners, Kerrville, TX , KACC esterita2@aol.com
Jan. 22, 23: Grand Rapids, Michigan scortese7@gmail.com
Feb. 2-6: Venice, Fl. bjvenice@netzero.net
Mar. 1-6: Empty Spools Seminar, Asilomar, CA www.emptyspoolsseminars.com
Mar. 12, 13: Dyeing workshop with Carlene Keller, Kona, HI
Mar. 15-19: Composed in Paradise, Photo Composition class, Kona, HI esterita2@aol.com
Mar. TBAs: Volcano Hilo, HI at Kilauea Kreation
April 4,5: Quilt Works North West, Seattle, WA lauraJo@quiltworksnw.com: Self Portraits
April 6: Quilt Works North West, Seattle, WA lauraJo@quiltworksnw.com: Illusion of Depth
April 6, 7: Portland, OR, A Common Thread (quilt shop) www.acommonthreadsewing.com actbernina@aol.com
May 7-10: Tucson, AZ jgilmartin@msn.com
May 11, 12: Arizona Quilters Guild, Phoenix, AZ dpitchford@cox.net
July 12-13: Windsor whip gallery, 3day portraiture. Windsor, NY. oreo_11746@yahoo.com
July 21-24: Creations Quilt Shop, Kerrville, TX barbara@creations-online.com
July 26-30: New Pieces quilt shop, Berkely CA. Portraiture workshop
August 2-4: Long Beach, CA IQA
Sept. 8, 9: Clifton park, NY. Guild, one day workshop and lecture, ksolomon99@gmail.com
Sept. 14-21: Quilting Under the Tuscan Sun, San GIovanni Valdarno, Italy esterita2@aol.com
Sept. 27-29: Switzerland, Aemtler Quilters punktli@hotmail.com
Nov. 18: Smithtown. NY lecture
Nov. 23, 24: Smithtown. NY portraiture class, Smithtown Stitchers


Jan. 7-12: Private Class, Charleston, SC
Feb. 7, 9 ,10: Hilo, Hawaii one and two day classes kilaueakreations@yahoo.com
Feb. 18,19: Kona, HI Quilters quilt show
Feb. 24-28: Drawn from Paradise, beginners welcome, Captain Hook, Hawaii, Luana Inn Captain Hook. Big Island, contact esterita2@aol.com
Feb. 22, 23: Dye days with Hawaiian dyer Carlene Keller, Kona, Hawaii esterita2@aol.com or carlenekeller@mac.com
Mar. 2-4: Portraiture, HUI art Center, Maui, HI lanac@huinoeau.com
Mar. 17, 18: Maui Quilters, Maui, HI gloria@gloriaroman.com
Mar. 23, 24: Central Coast Quilters, Arroyo, CA. cwendywalk@aol.com
Mar. 25-30: Empty Spools, Asilomar,CA Self Portraits www.emptyspools.com
Apr. 13-15: Hudson Valley Sheers class exploration of sheers, with monoprinting, still life and portraiture. info@artworkshops.com
Apr. 29- May4: Private Class in Charleston, SC
May 30-June 3: Private Class, in Esterita's Port Jefferson, NY Studio
June 14. 15: Fort Worth, TX marywimberly@sbcglobal.net
June 16, 17: Variens, TX  katehunter_98117@yahoo.com
June 18, 19 & 20: Kerrville, Hill Country TX, Portraits, krquiltsmore@gmail.com
July 11-15: Quilt Colorado, Estes Park, CO qasper9@gmail.com
July 17-19: Private Class
July 23-26: Private Class, San Francisco, CA
July 26-28: Long Beach IQA show. www.quilts.com
Aug.1-3: Berea, KY mkriebel@bereaky.gov
Sept. 15-22: Quilting Under the Tuscan Sun, Quilting Painting, and Cooking classes in a 14th century Villa. esterita2@aol.com
Oct. 2,3: Thames River Quilt Guild, Ledyard, CT  christinakgs@hotmail.com
Oct. 6-9: Arizona Quilt Guild, Phoenix, AZ fiberandfire@yahoo.com
Oct.11-13: PIQF San Jose, CA. www.quiltfest.com
Nov.19, 20: York Heritage Guild, Toronto, Canada  carolynflood@hotmail.com